Yoko Matsushita / A Bharatanatyam Dancer , Yoga&Meditation Teacher & kalaripayattu Practiconer , Director and Founder ‘Studio Prachee’.
She started learning in Japan on 1992 and learning this Indian classical dance from Padma Bhushan Awadee Prof.C.V.Chandrasekhar sir since 1994 in India.
She is also under going training from Smt. Jaya chandrasekhar, Smt. Chitra Chandrasekhar Dasarathy and Smt. Manjari regularly during her yearly visit to Chennai , India.
She had Arangetral on 1997 in Osaka , Japan.
Since then, She started impart training in her dance institution ‘Studio Prachee’ to aspiring students in Osaka, and she has been performing in many places in Japan.
Dance is her passion, and she enjoys learning the intricasies and nuances of this beautiful art form.
2002, She along with three of her minded friends who are also dancers in their own right have started ‘Chatrang’ under which banner they toured and performed in Japan with live music. It was a dream come true to have her guru Prof.C.V.Chandrasekhar & Smt. Jaya Chandrasekhar , along with Sri.N.V.Balakrishnan , Sri. B.muthukumar , and Smt. Sarayu Srinivasan to conductthe these programs.
2003, She performed own solo program in India, Chennai, Atma Gyana Nilayam Instituted in the Memory of Dancer B.Rajeshkumar with
live music.
2004, She invited Smt.Chitra Chandrasekhar Dasarathy from Delhi and perfromed together in Osaka.
2006, She performed ‘ Kalanidhi Dance Festival’ in Tront , Kanada.
She also invited well khown dancer Smt Manjari from Chennai and performed in Osaka and Nara.
Her love to Bharatnatyam made from respect her guru , Chandrasekhars and love to her two babies.
She is learning Kalaripayattu, mother of matialarts ,under Sri Shaji Jhon at ‘Shaji’s school of Kalaripayattu’ in Chennai.